Welcome to Funny Golf Videos

Welcome to Funny Golf Videos.

You will find all the latest, and some real classics, in terms of funny golf videos here.  As we come across new funny golf videos we will put them up here, on a regular basis, for you to enjoy.

We have videos about golf in different categories as you will see on the side.  That way, if you have a particular area of interest within golf you can easily find the videos there.


  • Because you are no doubt a devoted golf enthusiast we will also be providing for you helpful resources on where you can find golf related products on the Internet.  We will include for you where you can get both practical golf products and gag gifts.
  • Another feature of our site will be to have current news from the world of golf.  If you subscribe to our RSS feed you will this new information as soon as it is posted.
  • Because you are here for fun, you might also enjoy a section of this website devoted to golf jokes.  If you learn of any good golf jokes, we invite you to share with us.  In fact we welcome any and all comments you may have.
  • Because we love golf as well, we are constantly on the look-out for anything that might help us improve our game.  As we come across any products we think you may want to learn about, we will provide information on them here.

Good luck with your game, bookmark us and come back often to enjoy the funniest golf videos on the Internet.

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